Classic Bolognese Sauce

There’s nothing like a classic Bolognese sauce, and it should be in every home cook’s repertoire. My version is smooth, rich, hearty and slow cooked to perfection. The very essence of Italian comfort food! This is what you hope for when you order spaghetti or lasagna in an Italian restaurant.

The Always Pan: Everything You Wanted to Know

Our Final Rating: ★★★★☆

Whenever a shiny new promise of kitchen minimalism is dangled in front of me, I’m tempted to take the bait. Such was the case with the Always Pan by Our Place, which is a nontoxic, nonstick pan boasting multiple cooking functions. It also happens to be incredibly beautiful, making it total kitchen eye candy. We decided to give it a spin, and today we’re sharing our full review.

Spinach & Mushroom Quiche

If you’re looking for a simple, healthy, vegetarian quiche recipe, you’ve come to the right place. This easy spinach & mushroom quiche is made with a white sauce and filled with cheese and herbs. It’s absolutely delicious and sure to please your guests.

Reviewed: Breville Barista Touch Espresso Maker

Our Final Rating: ★★★★★

Most of us simply don’t have that magic barista touch that can dish out a delicious cappuccino without having to don a man bun. But what if you did? The Breville Barista Touch Espresso Maker is the flawless coffee juggernaut that can get you there.

Sausage and Fennel Risotto

There’s nothing more satisfying than a warming bowl of risotto. This flavour-packed sausage and fennel delight is guaranteed to come up trumps on chilly nights – and it’s so much quicker to make than you might think!

Instant Pot: Our Honest Review

Our Final Rating: ★★★★☆

After using the Instant Pot for many year, I look back and give it an honest review. Overall, it really does save me time. It helps me with meal prep. And it makes a few dishes that just taste better than other methods. While I certainly don’t use all the functions on this small appliance, the ones I do use make it worth the real estate it takes up in my small kitchen.

Chicken Burrito Bowls

So, you want some Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowls…do you? We’ve spent a few days perfecting this amazing recipe by Rachel Maser, and playing around with different ingredients. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

The Blend Off: Vitamix vs BlendTec Review

We decided to face-off the two titans of kitchen blending: Vitamix vs BlendTec. Take a look at our full analysis. But if you’re looking for a quick answer, we highly highly recommend purchasing a Blendtec. In our experience it’s a much more reliable machine that simply works better than the Vitamix. Want to know why? Keep reading.

Easy Greek Sheet Pan Chicken Souvlaki and Potatoes

Love sheet pan dinners? Of course you do! They are quick, easy, and perfect for weeknights when you need something fast to throw on the table. This is no ordinary sheet pan meal though (is there such a thing?). It’s bursting with flavor from an insane marinade, has tons of juicy chicken, crispy potatoes, and beautiful bell peppers. Pile it high and devour – served with some tzatziki sauce or your favorite dressing.